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COVID-19 Announcement

NCNM remains OPEN for naturopathic medicine when you need it the most!
Keep your in-person appointments or switch to a phone consult or TeleHealth visit from home.
If you need an urgent consult by phone with any of our naturopaths, schedule online through your
Patient Portal or call our office at 360-734-9500.

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With a proactive team approach,
we help you find the answers to your health questions. It is our mission to support you with the education & tools you need to:

Restore Health, Resist Disease, Cultivate Self-Care & Feel Good

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40 Years of Naturopathic Medicine

NCNM is the longest standing naturopathic clinic in Bellingham, WA. Fusing traditional natural medicines with the latest medical trends, our primary services include:
Naturopathic Medicine, Herb & Supplement Dispensary & Mind Body Meditation Classes.