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Resilient You

Are you ready to reveal your vibrance this year?

NCNM is unveiling a bold new program to supercharge your body, allowing you to feel your strength and resilience again.

Schedule a consult today to get started in uncovering the resilience in you.

Let yourself shine!!

Resilient You is a 3-4 month program to reconnect you to your vitality in 2019.

You will be supported through your personalized recommendations with regular visits. 

You will be introduced to a fresh supplement plan for your personalized hormonal balance and digestive health. 

You will receive hands on treatments to address body pains or to "turn on" body areas that have become weakened. 

Call today to schedule for Resilient You with Dr. Camille Koontz or Dr. Kelsi Ervin.

Office visits are covered according to your insurance benefits or are discounted and paid for at the time of your visit. Supplements and hydrotherapy treatments (if these are appropriate for your personalized program) are out-of-pocket expenses. Many labs can be covered by your insurance. If specialty hormonal assessment is needed, your doctor will inform you of these additional costs. 

Let's dig into the details...

Included in your initial evaluation:

  • Digestive health 
  • Hormone balance
  • Structural Integration evaluation
  • Hydrotherapy evaluation
  • Adrenal and thyroid health
  • Tailored laboratory testing
  • Foundations of health status

At your first visit, Dr. Ervin and Dr. Koontz will guide you towards our two Treatment Tracks:

At your 6 week re-evaluation:

  • Learn more about how to support your health through home treatments such as castor oil packs, skin brushing, and home hydrotherapy
  • Make any adjustments to your treatment plan

At your 10 week re-evaluation:

  • You get a custom maintenance plan to continue to experience all the benefits of your treatments.

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