Dispensary Specials for the Month of June:

June specials are for those of you who are looking for a high performance summer.

Use these supports to enhance your athletic edge!


Up your game!

Stop by our dispensary on one of these two weeks to get the edge.

June 10-14 for these specials:

Electrolyte Synergy

Impress yourself with this simple addition.

We all know we feel and perform better with electrolytes.  This one has 30 servings with only all-good stuff in it- a superior formula for the superior summer.

Fuel directy for the brain.

Designed for the competitive edge.
We docs also like this one for any time our brains feel sluggish and we need a pick-me-up to get ahead.


June 10-14 for these specials:

PreTrain NRG

Make it happen- all of it!!

Inspire yourself. Now you really do have everything it takes.

Another great one for the brain, too!
Easier recovery. Bigger strength.


MCT Colada

Intensify with ease. 

Fuel for intense exercise. This MCT oil is the best design we've seen.
Get it done and do it well!

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