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Photo Credit: Symphony Natural Health
Photo Credit: Symphony Natural Health

Tired of drinking store bought electrolytes? Original Himalayan Crystal Salt might be for you!

Drinking Himalayan Crystal Salt has been shown to remineralize the body in a way that common sea salt can not. Stop by The House to pick up jar today as a gift for yourself or a loved one!

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Clark CBD Cream Best NCNM Bellingham
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Elderberry Syrup

This one is 10% off! At NCNM we love our elderberry syrup and we think the kiddos in your life will too!  Elderberry is an amazing immune support and it tastes delicious!
Pro tip: Add a dropper to sparkling water for a tasty treat!

CBD Cream

This is the season to finally try CBD for aches and pains. You and your loved ones can manage pain naturally. This is a fast-acting formula with a unique design.

 A New Vitamin C Formula

If you know anyone who isn't taking vitamin C every day- it's high time they get some vitamin C in them!  C + is inexpensive and has extra bioflavinoids for a special kick of goodness! Give the gift of sweet orange anti-oxidants for an immune boost!

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10% off NCNM Elderberry Plus Syrup now!


If you want to avoid the cruds and colds going around, stop by for some
NCNM Elderberry Plus Syrup.
It contains the Antiviral and Immune Support of Elderberry plus the well known immune stimulating herb Echinacea!
Take a bottle home for your family or stock up because this make a great stocking stuffer.

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