New Years Dispensary Specials! 

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New Years Resilience Reset: Vegan or Paleo Cleanse!

Have you been interested in doing a cleanse but don't know where to start? Join us for a New Years Resilience Reset! Your kit will include Shakes and Nutrients to fuel your dietary reset!
You will be provided with a guide to coach you through tips for taking care of your body in special ways to improve your energy, balance your hormones, and lose excess weight.

Purchase your kit by Jan. 7th and receive 15% off
Call reception to join the New Years Resilience Reset & order your kit today!


Whole Body Collagen

You been hearing the buzz about collagen? There are so many out there, how to choose? Well, your Docs at NCNM think this one's special.

It covers all your bases, with three patented forms of collagen in one!

This easy powder stirs into your morning beverage without a trace to support your bones, joints, and skin.

Come get some at your friendly NCNM Dispensary today!

NCNM Favorites

The doctors at NCNM have researched each company and supplement that offer in our dispensary. We do this so that we can provide the highest quality supplements to our patients!

Elderberry Image

Elderberry Syrup

At NCNM we love our elderberry syrup and we think the kiddos in your life will too!  Elderberry is an amazing immune support and it tastes delicious!
Pro tip: Add a dropper to sparkling water for a tasty treat!

Clark CBD Cream Best NCNM Bellingham

CBD Cream

This is the season to finally try CBD for aches and pains. You and your loved ones can manage pain naturally. This is a fast-acting formula with a unique design.

cbio-fizz_144 g (5 oz) powder_Orange-1

 A New Vitamin C Formula

If you know anyone who isn't taking vitamin C every day- it's high time they get some vitamin C in them!  C + is inexpensive and has extra bioflavinoids for a special kick of goodness! Give the gift of sweet orange anti-oxidants for an immune boost!

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