Legacy of NCNM Lives On


Written by Dr. Joe Wessels, Feb 14, 2019.

When I first opened my practice in Bellingham in 1976, there were no other practicing Naturopathic doctors north of Everett.  I remember putting the big Northwestern Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine sign in the ground, and a gentleman walked by and paused for a moment reading the sign. Then he said, “If I even knew how to pronounce that word I’d probably feel better.”  

In the 44 years I have been in practice there have been a lot of changes, among them a healthy group of naturopathic practitioners in the city and the county.  In these years, which have passed way too quickly it seems, I have been privileged to serve many patients here at Northwestern Clinic. This past year I have decided to step back and turn the management over to Dr. Camille Koontz.  Some of our long standing patients have probably noticed some subtle changes. The mission of this clinic has not changed however. It is still to treat everyone who comes in as someone who’s health and well being is as important to us as it is to them.  The goal is to treat the person, not the disease.

As we move forward as NCNM, under the direction of Dr. Koontz, I think you’ll find that our efficiency will be much improved.  Dr. Koontz and Dr. Ervin are both exceptional practitioners who bring new knowledge and focus to stay current with the many changes happening in medicine.  I’m proud to be working alongside both of them. I feel that the clinic will be in good hands and continue to grow and thrive in this old weathered building.  You will be noticing more changes in the months to come that will enhance our ability to continue to serve you.

For those of you wondering, I will still be practicing here for years to come and even though I’m not here on a full time basis there is always a doctor available for you to see.  I look forward to serving you for years to come and seeing the changes coming to NCNM. We hope to welcome you to an open house in the near future to meet and talk with the practitioners in the building.

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