Cleansing in the Spring

Written by Dr. Camille Koontz

At its core cleansing is simple: reduce toxins, rest the gut, and provide key nutrition to assist the body in shedding any toxic residues that have been building up in the body.

Traditionally spring is an ideal time to set aside some time for cleansing your body. We go into hibernation mode in the winter and tend to eat more comfort food too. A cleanse can help you shift gears toward a diet more suited to the changing season. It is a chance to boost your self care and nutrition for a short period of time and uplevel your energy, mood, and health.

A cleanse assists your natural detoxification systems so your body can get rid of any toxins that have been building up. Toxins build up when the amount of them we are exposed to is greater than our detoxification systems can handle. Experts at Environmental Working Group say that we live in a “sea of chemicals”. The build up to toxins in the body is a common modern problem that leads to disease, fatigue, and hormone issues.

Detoxification is a process your body accomplishes every day. Every time you sweat, go to the bathroom, and breathe your body can be eliminating toxins. A cleanse is a time for reducing exposure to toxins and assisting your body’s detoxification pathways to get out more than is coming in.

The doctors at NCNM recommend a system from Designs for Health for your cleanse. It is a gentle and easy system to experience the process and effects of a cleanse. The kit makes it very easy! It includes answers to many common questions about cleansing, provides recipes so you can easily follow the nutritional guidelines, and comes with all the key nutrients your body will need.

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