NCNM Now Offering Telehealth Appointments!

How to have a successful Telehealth Appointment

Please read through the follow to ensure that you have access to your PHR, downloaded Zoom (HIPPA Compliant video software), and know where to access your video link.

  1. What you will need:
    • A quiet, private setting for the duration of the appointment. Minimal background sound is optimal.
    • Computer/Smartphone/Tablet with access to the internet.
    • Headphones (optional)
  2. Access to your Patient Portal
    • Search your email for NCNM or for registration link.
    • Call our office at (360)734-9500 if you did not receive the email.
  3. Install Zoom on your device.
    • Zoom will automatically download when you click the meeting link (in ChARM or in the appointment email) but you can install Zoom before the appointment on your device here: