Watershine- Hydrotherapy for Restoring Healthy Rhythm

Written by Dr. Kelsi Ervin

Hydrotherapy is my favorite form of healing medicine. This treatment add-on can help to get a well-designed treatment plan to start finally working. It's also amazing for maintaining balance during stressful times.

Hydrotherapy has been one of the most effective forms of treatment for me. Receiving a constitutional hydrotherapy treatment restores my healthy rhythms. I love it! I have seen constitutional hydrotherapy help get people into a true healing space.

These treatments decrease pain, regulate immune system response, restore hormone rhythms, and calm the nervous system. The improvement in circulation and immune function has been widely established by science and tradition. The water and ritual also bring in an unexplainable or spiritual healing component.

Folks receiving treatments from other naturopathic doctors can also benefit from these treatments. I typically recommend that people needing this intimate level of support have a steady rhythm to their treatment schedule:  2 treatments a week for 3 weeks, then reassess. My mentors recommended 12 therapies in a row, but I start with 6 to assess compatibility. 

Constitutional hydrotherapy supports the body in reestablishing healthy blood and energy flow through the organs. The technology is applied in rhythmic timing using a combination of thermotherapy (in the form of hot and cold towels on the body) and electrotherapy (in the form of electrical pads). The treatments are given twice a week to establish a rhythmic flow of new healthy energy into the body. 

I see these constitutional treatments reliably support people out of crisis and flairs. I trust hydrotherapy as a powerful tool to turn on the healing systems in the body.

Need another layer of healing activation to move into the next level of your journey? 

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