Providing Naturopathic Medicine to Bellingham since 1976

Providing Naturopathic Medicine Since 1976

You need your health to shine so you can show up in life with
more passion, more purpose, and more stamina.
Do you feel pulled in different directions by all the health fads on the market today?
And what you really want is a home base where you can get real answers
and support to improve your health and vitality?

Come be a part of NCNM, the Northwestern Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine,
where education, care, and health creation are the roots of modern medicine.

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Our doctors bring a wealth of knowledge of traditional and naturopathic medicine to tailor fit a treatment plan that makes sense for your life.

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NCNM is partnered with Watershine to provide Constitutional Hydrotherapy Treatments (CHT). CHT is a foundation to creating the vitality you've been looking for.

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